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What are the outer spherical bearings with seats?

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The outer spherical bearing with seat is a bearing unit that combines the outer spherical bearing with the housing. Most of the outer spherical bearings make the outer diameter into a spherical surface, and are installed together with the bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. The structure is various, and the versatility and interchangeability are good.

At the same time, this type of bearing also has a certain degree of self-alignment in design, is easy to install, has a double-structure sealing device, and can work in harsh environments. Bearing housings are generally cast and stamped. Commonly matched casting bearing seats are: vertical seat (P), narrow vertical seat (PA), high center vertical seat (PH), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS), boss round seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), ring seat (C), slider seat (T), suspension seat (HA), adjustable diamond seat (FA), suspension bearing seat (FB), etc.; often matching Stamping bearing housings include: circular stamping seat (PF), diamond stamping seat (PFL), triangular stamping seat (PFT), vertical stamping seat (PP), etc.