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IMG_10562   The application range of deep groove ball bearings is very wide. They are suitable for high and ultra high speeds, adapt to radial and axial loads in both directions, and require little maintenance. Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used bearing type. SKF offers a variety of designs, variants and sizes of deep groove ball bearings.


Z&R Zhongda pillow block bearing comply with ISO standards, North American (ANSI/ABMA) standards and Japanese industry (JIS) standards, and use high-grade gray cast iron.

  • Solid base P series (improves cleanliness and gives better support to the bearing:
   The solid base design of the Z&R series bearing P series provides a cleaner surface design, reduces the risk of pollutants intrusion, and improves the support of the bearing unit, especially when used in a heavily polluted conveyor working environment; this can reduce The problem of dust accumulation under the bearing support makes the bearing unit cleaner

  • Standard end cover groove for bearing seat:
   In order to comply with health and safety regulations, Z&R pillow block bearing  units are equipped with end cover grooves and optional polypropylene (PP) end covers.
  • International standard interchangeable design for connecting seat series:

   The bearing seat of the Z&R series and the Swedish standard product are completely interchangeable, and the built-in bearing adopts an enhanced locking design, which can improve the production efficiency of rotating equipment and make its operation more reliable and stable without any design changes; this The product meets the assembly size requirements of most commercially available brands of outer spherical bearings and can be easily replaced.


  •  Self-aligning performance of Pillow block bearing:

   The processed spherical surface of the Z&R series insert bearing can completely match the inner hole of the bearing seat. The combination of the outer spherical surface of the bearing and the inner hole of the bearing seat has a self-aligning function; it can compensate for the adjustment deviation, the uneven bottom surface of the bearing seat or the deflection of the shaft system , The centering deviation compensation reaches 5°.


  • Maintainability of connected products:

   Z&R connecting housings are pre-lubricated with life-tested grease according to different use environments. Bearings can be relubricated or non-relubricated, and unconventional grease and grease injection can be selected; bearing housings can also be equipped with multiple Style and size of nozzle




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