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The main difference between spherical bearings and ordinary bearings?

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1. Different load bearing capacity:

The design structure of the outer spherical bearing has a greater load carrying capacity. Some equipment is designed to require a greater load capacity than ordinary bearings, and insert spherical bearings can provide a more durable load.

2. Easy115 installation and disassembly:

Compared with ordinary bearings, the installation and disassembly of outer spherical bearings is relatively easy. This is because the outer spherical bearing seat has a lifting ring structure, and it can be easily installed and disassembled only by using the corresponding lifting ring and tools during installation and disassembly.

3. The accuracy and life are different:

The service life and precision of general bearings are relatively high, while the service life and precision of outer spherical bearings are relatively low. Therefore, general bearings should be used in equipment with special requirements for precision and life.

There are big differences between outer spherical bearings and general bearings in terms of structural design, load bearing, installation and disassembly, precision and life. In actual use, it should be selected reasonably according to the equipment requirements to achieve better results.