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Features of maintenance-free bearings for wheat harvesters

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With the development of agricultural machinery, maintenance-free bearings of wheat harvesters have gradually replaced traditional lubricated bearings. Its characteristic is that it does not require frequent oil filling, can continue to operate for a long time, and has a longer life. However, it should be noted that if there is no oil lubrication in the bearing, the entire bearing will be damaged and the service life will be greatly reduced.

Oil filling method for maintenance-free bearings of wheat harvester:


1. Preparations

Before filling oil, we need to check whether the bearing is working normally. If the bearing starts to make abnormal noise or run difficult during use, it needs to be stopped immediately for inspection.

2. Remove the bearing

Use oil pliers to take out the bearing, place it on a clean workbench, and wipe off the oil on its surface with a clean cloth.

3. Apply lubricating oil

Apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the inner or outer ring of the bearing, and spread it evenly with your fingers or a brush. During the application process, be careful not to let the lubricating oil get to other places to avoid affecting the operation of the bearing.

4. Install the bearing

Install the lubricated bearing back to its original position, and check whether the bearing is installed in place to avoid unstable operation. If the installation is normal, you can restart the harvester for use.

Maintenance-free bearings of wheat harvesters have a long operating life, but they require regular oiling to ensure normal operation. When filling oil, you need to pay attention to the type and amount of lubricating oil to ensure that the bearing is in good lubrication condition. In addition, the maintenance of the bearings is also very important. We need to regularly check whether the bearings have abnormal noises or malfunctions, and troubleshoot them in time to improve the working efficiency and production quality of the harvester.