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You are here: Home » News » Technical Knowledge » Classification of cooperation methods of outer spherical ball bearing shafts

Classification of cooperation methods of outer spherical ball bearing shafts

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-19      Origin: Site

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1. The code names of spherical ball bearings with top wire are: UC200 series (light series), UC300 series (heavy-duty series), and the deformed product UB (SB) 200 series. If the use environment is suitable for a small environment, generally choose the UC200 series, and vice versa. Then choose UC300 series. Usually there are two jackscrews on the outer spherical ball bearing, and the included angle is 120°. Its characteristic is that when cooperating with the shaft, the jackscrew is used to push against the shaft, and then it has a fixing effect, but its cooperation Environmental demands must oscillate on a small scale. This kind of outer spherical ball bearing is relatively common and widely used in various manufacturing industries such as textile machinery and ceramic machinery.

2. Tapered outer spherical ball bearings are codenamed: UK200 series, UK300 series. The inner diameter of this type of outer spherical ball bearing is a taper inner hole with a proportion of 1:12. It must be used in conjunction with an adapter sleeve. The characteristics of this type of outer spherical ball bearing are: it can withstand a larger load than the outer spherical ball bearing with a top wire. load. Because the inner diameter of the same type of adapter sleeve that it cooperates with is smaller than that of the spherical ball bearing with a top wire. For example, the inner diameter of the UC209 spherical ball bearing with a top wire is 45mm, and the diameter of the shaft used with it is 45mm, and if If you change to a tapered outer spherical ball bearing, you can only choose an adapter sleeve with an inner diameter of 45mm, and the only tapered outer spherical ball bearing that cooperates with a 45mm adapter sleeve is UK210 (of course, if the fit is higher, you can choose UK310). Therefore, the matching bargain accepted by UK210 is much larger than that of UC209.

3. The code names of outer spherical ball bearings with eccentric sleeves are: UEL200 series, UEL300 series, SA200 series. The main feature of this type of outer spherical ball bearing is that the upper end of the bearing has a certain degree of eccentricity, and an eccentric sleeve with the same degree of eccentricity cooperates with it. This type of bearing can also be said to be a special bearing, because it is mainly used on agricultural machinery (harvesters, straw returning machines, threshers, etc.). This type of outer spherical ball bearings is mainly used on structures with strong beating, eccentricity The cooperation of the structure can effectively reduce the strong beating.