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You are here: Home » News » Technical Knowledge » Agricultural machinery bearings in a range of agricultural applications

Agricultural machinery bearings in a range of agricultural applications

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-22      Origin: Site

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Agricultural machinery bearings are used in a range of agricultural applications such as combine harvesters, balers, lawn mowers, rakes and picking machinery, to name just a few. Each plays a vital role in agriculture and the production of crops, so if downtime occurs, the costs can be high. We will provide an overview of the different types of bearings found in agricultural machinery and how they fit into these applications and environments.

There are three main aspects in the selection of bearings: First, choose the type of bearing. You should roughly consider the load size, direction, and whether there is any impact? Factors such as speed, alignment requirements, allowed space, etc. The second is to choose the accuracy of the bearing. The type of machinery and mechanical accuracy requirements should generally be considered. The third is to solve the problem for farmers to reduce downtime and maintenance costs and increase production as much as possible. Agricultural machinery bearings must be able to operate in extremely challenging conditions, from dry and abrasive environments to wet, corrosive and highly contaminated environments. They need to meet requirements for long life and durability under heavy load conditions, thereby solving farmers' problems of reducing downtime and maintenance costs and maximizing yields.

Deep groove radial ball bearings

Radial Ball Bearings are used in almost all agricultural machinery you see. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand radial and axial loads from both directions and perform in high-speed operations. They are commonly used in the heads of combine harvesters and in the drives of geared disc mowers. Contamination of bearings with dust, dirt and water can significantly reduce their service life. Sealed deep groove ball bearings are an effective solution. They are easy to maintain because the rugged sealing design means they are "sealed for life" and never need relubrication. Sealed bearings are a reliable choice for these applications.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings feature cup and tapered assemblies and are available in single, double, and quad-row configurations. The intended application and expected environmental factors - such as speed, load, temperature and vibration - will determine which different configurations are required. Taper roller bearings are strong and durable and are often used on trailer wheels where they can handle harsh conditions and ensure reliability in the field. Single row and paired tapered roller bearings are used especially in tractors. Tractors spend a lot of time on the road traveling between locations, so these bearings allow for higher speeds and enhanced load-carrying capabilities while maintaining a compact tractor design.

Sealed spherical roller bearings:

Spherical roller bearings are a popular choice for agricultural machinery due to their capacity to manage extremely heavy loads and their self-aligning characteristics. These bearings are often found in grain processing machinery because they can compensate for the small amounts of misalignment present in this type of operation. Sealed spherical roller bearings are used in the feed chamber components of combine harvesters. This line carries crop material from the header of the combine to the threshing area. As a result, the bearings can come into contact with dirt and debris, which can cause skew.

Sealed spherical roller bearings are ideal for this application because not only are they able to withstand high speeds, high loads and misalignment, but they are also sealed to prevent contamination, reduce the need for relubrication, and extend service life. This means less unscheduled downtime, shorter service life, the cost of new bearings and grease, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Maintenance-free spherical plain bearings:

免维护轴承In agriculture, spherical plain bearings are commonly used in fertilizer sprayers. This is an application that operates in harsh, harsh and corrosive conditions, nevertheless today's farmers increasingly want sprayers that are faster, more precise, have better maneuverability, less maintenance and lower fuel consumption cost. Therefore, maintenance-free spherical plain bearings are being implemented and the benefits are emerging. The sliding contact surfaces of these bearings are different from the standard steel/steel (steel on steel) combination, with different material combinations available. Spherical sliding bearings are sturdy and durable by design, have excellent load-bearing capacity, are wear-resistant, and are capable of multi-directional self-aligning movement. Maintenance-free models enjoy the added benefits of minimal maintenance requirements, reduced lubrication and overall cost savings due to their longer service life.

flange bearing unit:

SBPFFlange bearing units consist of ball bearings and bearing housings, usually made of cast iron or pressed steel, which are bolted to the machine. You will often find flanges as bearing units in tillage and harvesting machinery, seedbed fatteners, discs, rakes and plows. These machines operate in challenging environments exposed to shock loads and high speeds. To avoid downtime during peak seasons and reduce the overall cost of maintenance, replacement parts and stagnant productivity, machines must be equipped with reliable bearings to withstand these tough operating conditions. Bolted oval and bolted square type flange ball bearing units are used in tillage and harvesting machinery. The square flange unit attaches easily to the machine and includes four bolts. Oval flange units are typically used for installations where space is limited or where reduced distance between shafts is required, as the unit is mounted on the machine with only two bolts.

To optimize productivity, it is important to select the right bearing for the application. It is also about correctly mounting and mounting bearings and providing correct lubrication intervals. Ensures bearings are operating at optimal speeds and temperatures and optimizing their service life under the correct loads.