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Industrial Machinery

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The figure of the motor can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Although the uses are different, all motors have requirements on working efficiency, noise and vibration

Very high. The high speed, low noise and low vibration produced by Zhongda Bearing meet the needs of motor applications.

In the application of the motor and electrical industry, low noise and vibration are the primary considerations in bearing design. For this reason, the precision of Zhongda bearings on the raceway surface

Degree, roughness and surface processing. Zhongda Bearing passed the 100% noise measurement of the world's most advanced (Anderonmeter) equipment


1. Improve the reliability of motor bearings and extend the service life of bearings.

2. The surface treatment method of raceway specially designed to reduce vibration, friction and noise.

3. High-quality polyurea-based grease is used to increase the service life of bearings under extreme temperatures, eliminate artificial lubrication, and ensure minimum friction and wear.

4. It can reduce bearing friction torque by 30% to 50% for most motor applications and provide bearing speed.