Sino-foreign joint venture High-tech enterprise, specializing in providing customers with stable and reliable bearing products and overall technical solutions.
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Best bearing factory- select zhongda

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Zhongda Bearing has a provincial technology research and development center recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, and has the world's leading R&D, test integration and design and manufacturing integration capabilities. The center gathers a research and development team composed of foreign scientific research experts and innovative test engineers to develop new products based on customer needs.

Focusing on the field of high-end ball bearing units manufacturing, Zhongda Bearing regards the ultimate experience of customers  as the source of its own development , and creates a stable, enterprising, responsible and professional technical team!

From raw materials to finished products, from the research and development of high-precision technology to advanced intelligent production equipment, from fully automated robotic arm to testing center more than 20 testing processes, comprehensive control, accurate docking, perfect delivery. The pursuit of the ultimate design concept, precision process standards, comprehensive testing system, to ensure the consistency and reliability of products. Zhongda Bearing carves to the extreme, demonstrating the spirit of craftsmanship, and strives for innovation, casting industrial support.



Achieve the enterprise with ingenuity, and lead the future with bearings.Zhongda Bearing strives to rank in the forefront of the output and quality of high-end insert ball bearings and mounted ball bearing the country, and has always adhered to the corporate mission of "providing reliable support for industrial change of life" to help China's intelligent manufacturing, inherit power and brace the future.

Relying on craftsmanship all the way to moving on. Zhongda Bearing strives for survival with technology and development with innovation. The use of big data and intelligent manufacturing equipment has created a "smart factory" in the bearing industry,.Zhongda Bearing empowers the industry with design, drives industrial upgrading, and builds the future pattern of the industry. Inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, forging scientific and technological dreams, forging ahead with vigor and perseverance, ranking among the forefront of the national bearing manufacturing industry, and striving to become a "global high-end insert ball bearings and mounted ball bearing units.

Zhongda bearings are used all over the world, refined with craftsmanship, and create the future with technology.