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Fire drill 丨 Tighten the safety string to prevent the risk of "burning"! Zhongda Bearing in Action

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In order to further enhance the fire safety awareness of Zhongda employees, enhance the emergency suppression of fires and ensure the lives of Zhongda employees

And property safety. On April 2nd, all employees of Zhongda Bearing organized a fire drill

As the workshop fire alarm sounded, the person in charge of the safety team guided the evacuation, and all employees covered their mouths and noses and hid according to the posture taught by the person in charge

To avoid "dense smoke", all personnel are orderly evacuated in the escape path

Fire knowledge training

The introduction of the functions of fire fighting equipment, how to use fire extinguishers, fire fighting operations, etc.


Practical exercises

After some detailed fire fighting training and fire equipment explanations, a fire drill practice exercise was then carried out.

Fire extinguisher practical exercises

Exercise Summary

Through this fire drill, the fire fighting knowledge and escape skills of Zhongda employees were improved, and the emergency management was trained and improved

The rapid response of personnel, the ability to coordinate operations, and handle emergency events have generally achieved the expected goals of the exercise. For this show

For problems that arise during the practice, the following points should be done in the future work: Continuously strengthen the fire protection knowledge training for employees. Increase staff

Fire safety awareness allows every employee to realize the importance of fire safety.

May we always tighten the string of fire safety

The alarm bell is ringing

Take precautions to ensure safety