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Sino-foreign joint venture High-tech enterprise, specializing in providing customers with stable and reliable bearing products and overall technical solutions.
You are here: Home » News » Company News » Bearings have "ID card" smart factory to give bearings a full cycle label-Zhongda Bearing

Bearings have "ID card" smart factory to give bearings a full cycle label-Zhongda Bearing

Views: 71     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-12      Origin: Site

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It can be seen from the historical progress that manufacturing is the mainstay of the social economy, although the current transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in various countries

The focus of the strategic planning is different, but the transition from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is trending. Face

Sexualized, diversified and rapidly changing market demands, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are stepping up the integration and application of a new generation of information technology in

During the production process, gradually change the original relatively solid production line and production system, and strive to break through the barriers between enterprises,

Explore new production models such as intelligent manufacturing, networked manufacturing, and cloud manufacturing.

The basic industry of the bearing industry manufacturing industry is a key component in the equipment manufacturing industry and an indispensable "joint" for the construction of the national economy. The performance, quality and reliability of mechanical equipment depend on the performance of the bearing. After years of development in the bearing industry, I have already possessed considerable production scale and production technology to achieve a strategic change from "big" to "strong". The "smart manufacturing" of bearings is also the goal pursued by many bearing companies. In the Hebei Linxi Shuangchuang Technology Industrial Park, there is such a bearing manufacturing enterprise that has applied the concept of "intelligent manufacturing" to bearing manufacturing.

In the Linxi Shuangchuang Science and Technology Industrial Park in Hebei, there is such a bearing manufacturing enterprise that has applied the concept of "intelligent manufacturing" to bearing manufacturing.

Zhongda (Hebei) Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise. The company is committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-end spherical and pedestal bearings. It specializes in providing stable and reliable bearing products and overall technical solutions for industry customers. Mr. Pan Haichang, the chairman of the company, is the vice chairman of Wuxi Cross-Border E-commerce SME Chamber of Commerce and a lecturer at Alibaba Business School. He has a deep understanding of the development of industrial Internet. He believes that the Industrial Internet is the commanding height of future manufacturing competition. It is promoting profound changes in innovation models, production methods, organizational forms, and business paradigms, as well as the reshaping of industrial chains, industrial chains, and value chains.

Therefore, the company is equipped with internationally leading high-precision bearing manufacturing, inspection and testing equipment;

Automatic high-end manufacturing equipment to realize intelligent automatic connection grinding, intelligent automatic online detection and classification, intelligent automatic connection cleaning and assembly,

Intelligent automatic bag sealing and packing; the use of "intelligent manufacturing" equipment has comprehensively improved product quality, increased production efficiency and guaranteed

Zero defects in product quality.

At the same time, it adopts the ERP enterprise management system of the world-renowned enterprise SAP company, linking the production workshop MES manufacturing execution system and

SPC statistical process control system; improve the controllability of the production process, reduce the intervention of the production line personnel, so as to realize the cooperation between human and machine

Efficient production mode of coordination and human-machine integration. Equipped with comprehensive product quality tracking from raw material supply to production, sales and logistics

Track and trace the barcode management and control system, using blockchain technology to attach a unique "ID" to each product to realize the use of the Internet

Big data can track and control the quality of each product's production batch, date, serial number and other aspects.

At present, Zhongda Bearing adopts the manufacturing process that has obtained many national patent technologies, specializing in the production of high-precision, maintenance-free spherical bearings

And low noise, long life reinforced deep groove ball bearings; products are sold to the United States, Italy, Norway, Germany, Russia, Chile, Australia

More than 30 countries in Australia have provided product support services for many large high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad.

With the development strategy of creating a "smart factory" in the bearing industry, Zhongda Shaft insists on continuously improving the core competitiveness of enterprises with technological innovation.

Make unremitting efforts for the corporate mission of "providing reliable support for industry to change lives"!

Contact: Sohn Kang

Telephone: 15631920999

Company telephone: 0319-8509111

Company address: North side of Beihuan Road, Linxi County, Hebei Province

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