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What is an agricultural machinery bearing, and what are its construction principles?

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Agricultural machinery bearings are one of the commonly used accessories for agricultural machinery. They are widely used in agricultural machinery such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, electric motors, hay rakes, balers, harvesters, and threshers. The accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the main engine play a decisive role.

200 Agricultural Machinery BearingsAgricultural machinery bearings can continuously withstand continuous vibration and high impact loads to meet reliable operation under various weather conditions. The structural design is very simple to ensure the efficient utilization of the machine.

Bearing structure of agricultural machinery bearings

   The structure of agricultural machinery bearings is simple. Compared with other types, it is easy to achieve higher manufacturing precision, which is conducive to mass production and lower manufacturing costs. In addition to the standard type, agricultural machinery bearings also have various modified structures, such as: agricultural machinery bearings with sealing covers, agricultural machinery bearings with silicone sealing rings, agricultural machinery bearings with stop grooves, etc.

The principle of agricultural machinery bearings

   Agricultural machinery bearings are a common type of rolling bearings. The basic agricultural machinery bearing consists of an outer side, an inner hole, a set of bearing steel balls and a set of ball bearings. There are two types of agricultural machinery bearings: row item and double row. There are two types of deep groove ball structures: sealed and open.

   Agricultural machinery bearings mainly bear axial loads, but can also bear axial loads and radial loads. When it only bears axial load, the interfacial tension is zero. When the axial backlash of the agricultural machinery bearing is large, it has the characteristics of an angular contact bearing and can bear a large radial load. The friction resistance of agricultural machinery bearings is not large, and the limit speed ratio is also high.

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