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What are the advantages of square bearing seats?

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Advantages of square bearing seats

UKF1. Excellent material: Square bearing seats are mostly made of high-quality cast iron materials, which have high hardness, strength and wear resistance, ensuring their long service life.

2. Reasonable structure: The structural design of the square bearing seat is relatively simple and easy to process, install and maintain. At the same time, it is highly tolerant and can be applied to different shaft diameters, axial loads and rotational speed requirements.

3. High stability: The square bearing seat has a compact structure, which can effectively reduce friction and wear between the bearing seat and the bearing, thereby ensuring smooth operation, low noise, and low vibration of the bearing seat.

4. Wide scope of application: Square bearing seats are suitable for various bearing forms, such as spherical, roller, etc., and can be used in many fields such as metallurgy, mining, electric power, and engineering machinery.

Disadvantages of square bearing seats

0041. High installation requirements: The installation accuracy and parallelism requirements of square bearing seats are relatively high. If installed improperly, air, moisture, pollutants, and foreign matter will enter between the bearing and the sliding bearing, causing damage to the bearing or even failure.

2. Temperature range restrictions: The operating temperature range of square bearing seats is relatively strict. Some high-speed and heavy-load equipment must use centralized lubricating grease or cooling systems, otherwise the bearings will overheat and be damaged, affecting their service life.

3. Single lubrication method: Square bearing seats generally adopt centralized lubrication method, and excessive lubrication methods cannot be used, which limits its scope of use and effect to a certain extent.

The square bearing seat has the advantages of excellent material, reasonable structure, high stability, and wide application range, but its shortcomings such as high installation requirements, limited temperature range, and single lubrication method cannot be ignored. Therefore, when selecting a square bearing seat, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its quality, use environment, installation conditions and many other factors according to the actual situation to ensure its normal use and long-term operation.