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You are here: Home » News » Technical Knowledge » Why do bearings and bearing seats fail?

Why do bearings and bearing seats fail?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-08      Origin: Site

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At present, the demand for bearing seats in the market is still very high. There are many ways of bearing failure that often occur. Most of the failure modes are wear life, abrasion life, fatigue life and lubrication life. Wait, of course, these need to be calculated and evaluated based on the corresponding data.

Now let me introduce to you the different failure modes of Connecting Spherical Bearings:

Mounted bearing1. Wear life: Bearings and bearing seats produced and provided by manufacturers are generally matched. Mechanical equipment is used with bearing seats. Under long-term operation and use, but before complete fatigue is reached, wear and tear often occurs. The problem causes its accuracy to be unable to be used continuously. In reality, many bearing seats fail due to excessive wear and cannot be used.

2. Abrasion life: Bearings generally used on large mechanical equipment will also suffer fretting abrasion damage due to oscillating loads in non-working conditions. This is also the main reason for the failure of the bearing seat.

3. Fatigue life: If the bearing seat is found to have failed when the lubrication conditions are normal, it may be due to excessive fatigue due to use. Its service life can be queried according to the sample, and it can also be queried according to the formula. calculated.

4. Lubrication life: For double-sided sealed grease bearings, after filling, there is no need to add more grease. At this time, it depends on its service life.

The cause of bearing failure is often caused by a variety of factors. What are the improper operations of the manufacturer in the process of design and manufacture, or design problems? These factors will be related to the failure of the bearing. Therefore, when we start designing and When making bearings, pay attention to your own operation methods for these reasons, so as to avoid various problems when the bearings are used later.