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How to remove the harvester roller bearings

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How to remove the harvester roller bearings

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1. Knocking method: Knocking force is generally added to the inner ring of the bearing. Development force should not be added to the rolling elements and cage of the bearing. This method is simple and easy, but it is easy to damage the bearing. When using the bearing, the end of the shaft If the inner diameter of the bearing is smaller than the copper rod or other soft metal material resists the shaft end, lower the bearing seat and tap it gently with a hammer to remove it. In the application of this method, attention should be paid to the correct position of the cushion block and the correct stress point.

2. Pull-out method: Use a special puller. When disassembling, just turn the handle and the bearing will be slowly pulled out. When removing the bearing outer ring, the angle of the two legs of the puller should be opened outward. When disassembling the bearing inner ring, the two legs of the puller should rotate inward and get stuck on the end face of the bearing inner ring.

3. Pushing method: The bearing is pushed by a press, which works stably and reliably without damaging the machine and the bearing shielding machine room. There are manual presses, mechanical or hydraulic presses. Note: The pressure point of the press should be at the center of the shaft.

4. Hot disassembly method: used to disassemble tightly assembled bearings. First, pour oil heated to about 100°C on the bearing to be taken out, use an oil pot to heat and expand the bearing ring, and then use a puller to pull out the bearing.

5. Induction heating method: Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the inner ring of the bearing generates an induced current, causing the bearing to heat and expand, creating a gap at the fitting point, making it easy to disassemble. Because induction heating is fast, uniform, clean and pollution-free, has high heating quality and ensures that the bearings are not damaged, this advanced disassembly method is gradually replacing baking, oil boiling and other methods.