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Material transportation

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We provide a full range of bearing products for market segments such as conveyor belts, conveyors, food and beverage cleaning, and elevators.

1. The optimized design of the bearing structure and high-level processing control ensure the smooth operation and low noise of the transmission process.

2. Different sealing structures can effectively prevent debris from intruding into the bearing and make the entire transmission system run smoothly for a long time; at the same time, it can effectively prevent the grease from leaking and polluting the product.

3. Select reasonable grease, suitable sealing material and optimized internal structure of the bearing, so that the bearing can still run in the best state within its temperature range.

4. For the use environment of humidity, weak acid and alkali, frequent washing, etc., the bearing surface has been specially treated to make it have excellent corrosion resistance.

5. Bearings of various specifications can meet different performance requirements for your special use occasions.

Backed by experience and extensive knowledge in these industries, Zhongda Bearing Solutions can help your material handling equipment improve stability and production efficiency.